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Peace Corps SKILLZ

Grassroot Soccer works with Peace Corps volunteers in more than 40 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean to deliver adolescent health education to youth in some of the most remote, under-resourced areas of the world. This partnership changes the lives of young people in communities hardest hit by HIV and AIDS, addresses gender inequality, builds the capacity of local leaders, and sets Peace Corps Volunteers up for success by providing step-by-step instructions and continued program support.

Peace Corps Programs

Grassroot Soccer offers PCVs programs that use the language and energy of soccer to empower youth ages 10-19 to address:

HIV Prevention


Gender Equity

Gender and Sexuality

Malaria Education


Finance Lit

Financial literacy

Each program includes step-by-step facilitation instructions for 4-12 one-hour sessions that can be flexibly scheduled. PCVs also receive key materials and on-going support needed to deliver fun, effective programs. All curricula were designed for and extensively tested by Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and their communities to be effective in a variety of settings.

GRS Toolkit

  • One World Futbol

    Indestructible soccer ball ideal for the rough terrain where Peace Corps Volunteers typically live and work.

  • USB

    Digital copies of GRS curricula, M&E documents, and visual resources for Volunteers.

  • Coach's Guide

    The original and most widespread GRS curriculum used by Peace Corps Volunteers. HIV/AIDS, life skills, and reproductive health curriculum combining soccer and adolescent health in 11 practices with step-by-step facilitation guidance.

  • Coaching Resource

    Facilitation methodology and program planning strategy resource for PCVs and counterparts implementing the Peace Corps SKILLZ curriculum facilitation guidance.

GRS Toolkit
  • Malaria Coach's Guide

    Malaria prevention and awareness curriculum with 4 soccer-based practices and step-by-step guidance ideal for World Malaria Day and Stomping Out Malaria activities.

  • Girl Coach's Guide

    Girls empowerment curriculum with 12 practices that combine HIV prevention, soccer, sexual and reproductive health, and access to community services including HIV testing.

  • Girl Coordinator's Guide

    Facilitation methodology and program planning strategy resource for PCVs and counterparts implementing the SKILLZ Girl curriculum.

  • Girl Diary

    Personal workbook for participants in the SKILLZ Girl program to utilize during practices.

Trainings for Peace Corps

Grassroot Soccer partners with Peace Corps posts to train Volunteers, local community leaders, and Peace Corps staff. Trainings range in length from 1 to 6 days and are often highlighted by both PCVs and counterparts as amongst their favorite training programs. To learn more about hosting a training, contact

Laura J., RPCV

Laura J., RPCV

Lesotho 2012-2014

What we are teaching the youth in Grassroot Soccer will save their lives. Our main successes have been lifting the culture of silence surrounding sex and the spread of HIV within the school, as well as in the community.

Amanda L.F., PCV

Amanda L.F., PCV

Kyrgyz Republic, 2014-2016

After each practice, I saw our team's camaraderie grow through active team-building exercises and energizing kilos. GRS gave these girls the opportunity to become leaders in their community and be advocates for women empowerment.

Interest Form

For PCVs interested in implementing a Grassroot Soccer program

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Peace Corps Partnership

Download more information about how the GRS / Peace Corps Partnership works

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Contact the GRS Peace Corps SKILLZ team

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+27 21 426 5154


Grassroot Soccer has three Flagships: GRS South Africa, GRS Zambia, and GRS Zimbabwe. All of these Flagships are locally registered organizations operating in their respective countries, each with a local board of directors and local stewardship. Flagships are the heart of GRS, delivering impact directly in communities where we have been invested for over a decade. GRS will continue to develop, research and test innovative products, interventions and programs in our Flagship sites to address the most pressing adolescent health issues.

South Africa
South Africa


Grassroot Soccer South Africa (GRS South Africa) is an independent, locally registered non-profit organization with a South African Board of Directors. Grassroot Soccer first began programs in South Africa in 2006, and has steadily built… Read More



Grassroot Soccer established a flagship site in Lusaka, Zambia in 2005. Grassroot Soccer Zambia (GRS Zambia) is registered as a Zambian local non-profit organization, with a local Board of Directors. Our flagship operations in Zambia… Read More



Zimbabwe is where the idea of Grassroot Soccer was born and the country where we have our longest presence. Grassroot Soccer first began piloting our original curriculum in Zimbabwe in 2003, and shortly thereafter established… Read More


Grassroot Soccer (GRS) provides technical assistance to organizations throughout the world that seek to adopt the GRS model. By working alongside local implementing partners we are able to increase the scale and impact of our programs in an efficient and sustainable way.

GRS works with indigenous and international organizations to adapt, deliver, and evaluate the GRS model in their local communities. Technical assistance from GRS often includes:

  • Project design support

  • Curriculum development

  • Training delivery

  • Organizational development

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Fundraising

GRS has launched soccer-based development initiatives with governments, corporations, and civil society partners worldwide.

SKILLZ participant

Youth Education and Development Initiative (YEDI), Nigeria

Since I graduated from the programme, I had never come down with malaria because I have been able to set up and use an LLIN [long lasting insecticidal net]. In addition, I have been able to advocate the use of it to my parents, siblings and to my friends and I am so glad to see the changes I made.

Kondwani Kanjelo

Program Coordinator, GAIA partnership, Malawi

The GRS program empowers youth so that whenever they feel sick they know where to go to get better; when it comes time for testing, the youth have the courage to find out their (HIV) status; when it comes time to marry, they can marry who they want regardless of status because they know how to protect themselves and live healthy.

Capacity Statement

Our full partnership capacity statement is available here

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Full Overview

An overview of our partnership model, including results and success stories, is available here

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Project History

For a closer look at all our partnerships, past and present, download this comprehensive PDF

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