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Kevin Sullivan

Hi! I'm Kevin Sullivan, a computer scientist, software and systems engineering researcher, educator, and consultant; and I'm on the faculty in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. In research, I'm currently working how to design growth and adaptation paths for cyber-social systems and ecosystems (CSSs and CSEs): particularly how to induce them to compute with desired functional and non-functional properties as they adapt, evolve, and age. I teach graduate and undergraduate students about software engineering and languages. I identify most closely with the software engineering, programming languages, and systems engineering research communities and with the Learning Healthcare System, defense, and large-scale education application domains. I provide service to these communities and to government.I also consult and collaborate with industry. Current or recent service activities include Chairing the Steering Committee of the SIGPLAN Onward! Symposium, membership on the Steering Committees of ACM SPLASH and Aspect-Oriented Software Design (AOSD), serving as an NSF proposal review panel member, as a reviewer of papers for flagship journals of software engineering research, as co-organizer of an NSF workshop on the Learning Healthcare System, participation in the Roundtable on Science- and Value-Driven Healthcare of the Institute of Medicine, and serving on several conference program committees.