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South Africa


Programs in South Africa

Grassroot Soccer has been operating in South Africa since 2006, and set up its African headquarters in Cape Town in 2008.

Following the successful design and implementation of the DeBeers Pilot Project in the Northern Cape in 2006, Grassroot Soccer ushered in 2007 by launching several community-based, football for development programs across South Africa. New sites were created across South Africa, including Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Gauteng Province, Bloemfontein, the Northern Cape and Limpopo Provinces.

GRS then created a similar Direct Model program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Port Elizabeth has some of the highest HIV rates in South Africa, and GRS at the time was one of the only organizations there that was working in the HIV prevention area, making the site an ideal location for GRS programming.

GRS South Africa now implements three main programs across five sites in South Africa (see map below). These programs include SKILLZ Core (designed to target primary school students), Generation SKILLZ (designed to target secondary school students), and SKILLZ Street (a girls specific program designed for 13-16 year olds).

Grassroot Soccer and the 2010 World Cup

20101worldcuplogoThe FIFA World Cup 2010 offered a unique opportunity for sport-for-development organizations like Grassroot Soccer to highlight the power of soccer as an educational tool and raise the world’s awareness of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Given GRS’s proven success at using football as a tool for social development, GRS has became a member of the streetfootballworld Network, and remains a strong contributor to the “Football for Hope” movement. The Football for Hope Movement is a key element of the strategic alliance between FIFA and the streetfootballworld Network, and is designed to incorporate a wide range of programs that use football as a tool for social and human development in the areas of peace building, children’s rights and education, anti-discrimination, and the environment.

As a part of GRS’s involvement with the Football For Hope movement, GRS has managed the FIFA 20 Centres for 2010 Football For Hope Centre in Khayelitsha since December 2009. In early 2013 GRS will also be managing the newest Football for Hope Centre in Alexandra upon its completion.

Where We Work In South Africa

SA site map

Grassroot Soccer currently works from five core sites across South Africa as shown in the map above: Alexandra, Cape Town, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, and Soweto.

Contact GRS South Africa

38 Hout St.
5th Floor
Cape Town, South Africa 8000
Phone: +27 21 426 5154
Fax: +27 21 426 5175