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Unlock the power of soccer, unite around a common cause, and empower at-risk young people worldwide!

Charity Games are low-burden, player-driven events that unite soccer teams around a common cause: empowering young people to overcome their greatest health challenges and live healthier, more productive lives. Bringing a charity game to your university, club, or high school is simple. Teams designate a regular season or exhibition game as a charity game, work with Grassroot Soccer to launch a fun, peer-to-peer awareness and fundraising campaign, and showcase their effort on game day.

Team Benefits


    Players find motivation and comradery in the opportunity to play for an important cause


    The coaching staff brings new depth to the game and inspires the team with expectations that go beyond wins and losses


    By embracing soccer for social good, the team has an opportunity to connect with the local and national soccer community in a meaningful way


    Opportunity for a pre-season trip to Africa to play against top sides and create life-changing experiences

Player Benefits


    Players experience the power of soccer beyond the touchlines and learn about their broader role as athletes in the global community


    Players leverage their position to spread awareness and change the odds for their at-risk peers around the world; every $25 they raise provides life-skills education for one young person


    Many players choose to join the more than 200 college graduates who have spent a life-changing year working with Grassroot Soccer in Africa

How it Works

Positive Tracks

Grassroot Soccer’s Charity Game campaign is proudly presented by Positive Tracks. Positive Tracks is a sports-based youth development organization that helps young people get active and give back. So young people ages 23 and under (U23) can sweat for good to make the world better, starting with themselves.

Through this partnership, Positive Tracks provides hands on guidance, coordination support, tools, and matching dollars to help youth use the power of soccer to empower other young agents of change in developing countries. Use the form below to contact GRS's Positive Tracks Coordinator, Catherine Pearson, who will gladly help you get the ball rolling.

Kylie Stannard

Yale Men’s Soccer Head Coach

“It’s quite possibly the most direct charity foundation in the world that involves soccer, as the world’s game, and does a great job to raise awareness about many health and gender issues facing many less fortunate people around the world…it’s a privilege to be involved with such a great cause.”

Notre Dame

Men’s Soccer Player

Every time I see the logo…I will go to my experiences helping the kids and having fun with the kids, dancing with the team, playing soccer, just helping them learn about how…to live a better life as they get older.

2016 Games


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