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What We Do


“Grassroot Soccer’s work is a refreshing and highly promising effort that can help turn the tide against HIV. Soccer is like a universal language…Grassroot Soccer thus reaches large numbers of young people with HIV education, and bases its programs on [...]

Why Soccer?

Soccer is an integral part of local cultures across the world. It is something so positive that it brings smiles to children’s faces even in the worst of circumstances. In most places simply arriving at a field with a soccer [...]

HIV and Adolescents

The Facts: The HIV/AIDS pandemic has become arguably the worst public health crisis in human history: 34 million men, women, and children worldwide are currently infected with HIV. 17 million people, half of those currently infected, do not yet know [...]

Skillz Curriculum

“GRS is at the cutting edge of curriculum development. With the understanding that curriculum is not static — they are always incorporating feedback, informal and formal evaluation to make their curriculum better.” — Jess Quales, Mercy Corps HIV Program Officer [...]