What’s a Nugget?

Research is the foundation for Grassroot Soccer programs. Grassroot Soccer’s Research and Development team is constantly finding and evaluating the latest public health research, and determining how new findings about HIV can be incorporated into our curriculum.

For example, in 2009 when the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that HIV is the number one killer of women worldwide, Grassroot Soccer developed a women’s program, Skillz Street, that focuses on providing women with the knowledge and power to avoid HIV and AIDS.

As each member of the Research and Development team discovers new research, they write a brief summary called a Nugget, and share the Nugget with the entire Grassroot Soccer team. The team then discuses the research, evaluates its importance, gathers input from the GRS Research Advisory Committee (a group of HIV experts) and- if appropriate- incorporates it into the curriculum.

By publishing Nuggetz on the web, GRS aims to facilitate discussions around the latest public health issues and findings. The goal of these discussions is to spark interest in the field and talk about the key issues of the HIV epidemic—eventually leading to new, modern, and up-to-date programs that are as effective as possible.

Global Action to Reduce HIV Stigma and Discrimination

Date: 1/21/2013 Creator: Melissa Meinhart Title: Global action to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination Author(s): Stigma Action Network Guest editors: Anne L. Stangl and Cynthia I. Grossman Source: Journal of the International AIDS Society Date of Publication: November 2013 Link: Article Summary: To reach the [...]

Effectiveness of HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care Interventions Among Adolescents: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews

Date: 12/10/2013 Creator: Rebecca Hershow Author(s): Mavedzenge N, Luecke E, and Ross DA Source: UNICEF Date of Publication: September 2013 Link: Report   Summary: UNICEF released this report to present the evidence on effectiveness of HIV prevention, treatment, and care interventions among adolescents. [...]

Enhancing Adolescent Financial Capabilities through Financial Education in Bangladesh

Date: 12/2/2013 Creator: Rebecca Hershow Title: Enhancing Adolescent Financial Capabilities through Financial Education in Bangladesh Author(s): Amin S, et al. Source: Population Council Date of Publication: 2010 Link to report:   Summary: Population Council released this scoping report to open up discussion on [...]